Benefits of Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care is a great way to have your dog enjoy healthy exercise, and socialization in a supervised group environment. All dogs in our dog day care program go through an evaluation day to ensure they will be a good match for co-mingled play. Your dogs will be in both our 4000 square foot outdoor yard, and 7000 square foot indoor yard.


Dogs are social creatures. Not only does socialization lead to better manners and social outings, but your dog enjoys it too! All day care groups are supervised for safe and appropriate play.


A good dog is a tired one. By having the opportunity to play under supervision for a full or half day, we can guarantee your pup will be tuckered out by the time they go home!

Stress Free Boarding

By having your dog experience day care at our facility, they will be more accustomed to the routine, thus making a seamless transition into their future boarding stays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time can I drop my dog off for day care?

Drop off for day care is anytime between 7:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday, and 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday and Sunday. We have open drop off and pick up availability to accommodate your schedule. If you need to make special arrangements to pick up or drop off, please call/text us at 970-599-0001.

What is half day daycare vs. full day daycare?

Any daycare visit over five (5) hours is considered full day daycare. Our drop off hours are flexible to accommodate your schedule.

How long does my dog get to play?

We do not have set play hours, because we understand every dog is different. We listen to your dog. Daycare is generally 6-8 hours of group play.  If your dog is happy to be playing with their friends all day, we let them! If not, we have nap rooms for any dog looking for a break during day care. Time out rooms are available for our guests that get too rowdy or overstimulated during co-mingled play. We will keep your dog out as long as they are happy, and having fun. 

What is the first day like?

At The Dog Ranch, we require all dogs have a mandatory evaluation day to participate in dog day care. This allows us to make sure that all guests entering the facility are suitable for co-mingled play. During your dog’s first free evaluation day, we will do a temperament and evaluation to see which group your dog will best fit into. A slow introduction into a small play group allows us to safely learn your dog’s personality to ensure they have a fun experience at the ranch! If boarding, your dog can participate in it’s evaluation the day of drop off for their stay.

What is a free evaluation day?

An evaluation day is required for any dog wanting to attend regular day care. We offer a free half day of day care for a full daycare evaluation. If your dog is doing well, you have the option to finish out daycare for the rest of the day for the cost of half day daycare – $21.

What are the play groups like?

We separate play groups by size, and temperament. We have three different temperament groups for your dog to fit into for dog daycare based on their individual energy level. Our play groups are 10-20 dogs, depending on the guests that day. One supervisor is overseeing every 15 dogs, to monitor appropriate play and behavior. On occasion, dogs from different size categories will be mixed into different play groups. We work to ensure your dog is fit into a group where they will be the most content during their stay!


Boarding & Dog Day Care

Single Night of Boarding

Guest checkout before 11 AM following day, includes any level of daycare or solo play options


Full Day of Daycare Only

Anytime between open and close


Half Day of Daycare Only

Up to 5 Hours


Prepaid Daycare Packages

Valid for 3 months, non-transferrable, non-refundable and only able to be used for day care visits. No additional discounts on Punch Passes.

10-Day Punch Pass


15-Day Punch Pass


20-Day Punch Pass


30-Day Punch Pass


Please note:

Boarding dogs not picked up before 11 AM on checkout day (weekdays) or 9 AM on checkout day (weekends) will have an automatic $21.00/half day daycare fee apply. Multiple dogs from the same family able to kennel in the same run will receive a 5% discount at checkout.

For more details on boarding and day care, click below.
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Fun, Treats & Extras

Pawprint Painting

Show off your dog’s artistic skills with a homemade paw painting!


Frozen Chicken Snack

Chicken and yogurt frozen snack.


Frozen Peanut Butter Snack

Peanut butter and yogurt frozen treat.


15 Minute Mutt Massage

Our version of a ‘heavy petting’ session with lots of love and one-on-one attention.